About kasra


[don't read this part,it is a waste of time!]hi! my name is kasra behfrooz...I've started taking photos since 2007 when I had my new Sony dsc-h5 power-shot camera... I had no idea about what I was shooting...but gradually I loved taking photos and enjoyed it alot...I had no concerns about any rules in photography since I got my Nikon d5100... I started to read books about photography...rules, and tricks to get the best from the camera and those kind of things, now I see there's much more than just pressing the shutter-release button!

I'm continuing to surf this big ocean..I'm still reading books and any pdfs I find in the net...one thing I've learned is when going for taking shots, it is better to let go while still bearing that background of knowledge that one gathers about any aspects of photography over a period of time...but in that moment,there should be no thoughts...that background will surely lead us to find our true way!

anyway...now I'm a student of architecture in tabriz university...but I love photography more...I know it...at least so far!
maybe because I haven't been able to truly relate myself to architecture yet...I haven't found the same joy I feel in taking shots as in designing or drawing...but I know there is as much joy in architecture as in photography...it is just the matter of finding the joy in everything...but these are two different worlds...I'm not sure if I can(it is possible to?) dedicate myself to the both at the same time...I don't know yet if I have to choose between these two...

The idea of being someone more than doing something has been stupidly involving me from a long time...maybe I should just forget about who I will be or defining myself in the future or even now...and just do what I enjoy doing...that's it! maybe! :)

Photography Equipment

sony h5 powershot
nikon d5100

I need nikkor af-s 70-200mm f/2.8 lens but I cannot afford it! too expensive! :(